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Right here is true friendship and love! I could not imagine my life with out this amazing girl by my side! I love you more then anything and wish the best for you in everything! It is going to be so weird not having you but my side this year! I’m going to miss my partner! But I know that no matter what we will always be twinning, even if we are and hour and a half away! I love being able to call such an awe creating, beautiful, talented, strong person like you, my twin!!! I love you! Happy 20th birthday!! #twinning #truehappiness #smilesfordays

I love this girl from the bottom of my heart! She is my best friend and I knew from the day I met her she was gonna be around for awhile! I thank her so much for the friendship she has shared with me. I couldn’t imagine how different my life would be if I didn’t happen to go in the wrong door on the first day of college. I love you Manda! Thank you for everything! Have an amazing birthday!!! #loveher #flawless #hella #chipotlesmylife #20 😁😆👸👩💩💃💁👭

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